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Manufacturer: Body Research Substance: Oxymetholone (Anadrol) Pack: 50mg (100 pills)

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Androlic is an anabolic steroid, which is available in tablets and is intended for oral use. The active ingredient is Oxymetholone. Since the moment he was born in the laboratory in 1960, he was always considered the most powerful steroid, and this title is quite deserved.
Many athletes prefer to buy Androlic because he has a very powerful action. At the same time, it does not belong to the safe and has all the side effects that are generally characteristic of steroids.


Androlic pills are capable of exciting any bodybuilder: they lead to an explosive growth of the muscles. A set of 15 kg of muscle mass by the end of the course is quite normal.
But enthusiasm can very soon be replaced by disappointment. We have already mentioned that Androlik is not only an anabolic, but also partly an estrogen. And this means that he is able to hold water in his muscles. And, if the synthesized protein is not going anywhere, the accumulated fluid will eventually disappear.
After the course is completed, you can lose up to 30% of the recruited mass. Of course, this is not very good. But, at the same time, 15 – 5 = 10 kg. All the same very much even it is quite good!
At the same time, a bodybuilder who uses a steroid course with Androlik will gladly note a good increase in strength indicators.
And the joints will become stronger. In them, more grease will begin to be released, they will become more mobile and will not hurt after training.


After the course, at the 9th week, it is recommended to combine a high-calorie diet – to maintain the effect of the drug – with the restoration of the level of endogenous testosterone. For this, testosterone boosters are recommended, such as Tribulus, aromatase inhibitors, DAA.

First you need to pass the test and set the level of estradiol. Anastrozole (one of the common inhibitors) takes 0.5 mg every other day, a 10-day course, reducing to 0.5 mg 2 times a week.