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Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma Substance: Stanozolol injection (Winstrol depot) Pack: 10 ampoules (50mg/ml)

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Winstrol Depot is an anabolic steroid, which proved itself only in 1984. Among athletes Winstrol is one of the best steroids, its peculiarity is that the chemical substance Winstrol is not dissolved in oil, as is usually the case with steroids, but in water. In bodybuilding, athletes, knowing this quality of the drug, rarely apply it in practice. When using Winstrol, the intervals between injections should be short, unlike other steroids, the cause is the half-life, which occurs much faster than other drugs of this type, since the drug dissolves in water, thereby quickly entering the blood, minus it in the blood Short-lived action.

Ways of Winstrol application

Reception of the drug for the purpose of additional drawing of the muscular corset and provision of relief dry muscles in athletes is possible solo. In this case, it is sufficient to introduce 50 milligrams daily at moderate to high levels of force. For athletes working on speed and endurance (boxers, runners, swimmers), a sufficient daily dose will be 10-20 mg. Often, the use of stanozo solo by female athletes to improve the relief of muscles and increase strength. In any case, using Winstrol, the course of reception which lasts from 5 to 8 weeks, athletes achieve their tasks much faster and more successfully.

It is also quite common to include the drug in combined courses with other AAS. It is combined with stronger androgens – Methandrostenolone, Testosterone or Anadrol. Such combinations give an even more pronounced effect and contribute to a more active set of muscle mass than Winstrol solo.


PCT after Winstrol courses

Post-course therapy is carried out 2-3 days after the final injection of the steroid. To “exit” from the heavy courses Tamoxifen, from lighter ones – Clomid will do. The last drug is better tolerated by most athletes. The optimal daily dosage of Clomid is 100 mg (1-2 days), 50 mg (3-14 days), 100 mg (15-22 days). Antiestrogen allows you to normalize the production of your own testosterone. After carrying out PCT it is recommended to pass the analysis on hormones.