Testover C amp. Vermodje


Manufacturer: Vermodje Substance: Testosterone cypionate Pack: 10 ampoules (200 mg/ml)

Testosterus C is a steroid that possesses androgenic and androgenic activity (this is what makes a steroid very popular among the representatives of powerlifting, bodybuilding). The steroid company Vermodje (Moldova) releases in a dosage of 200 mg / ml (in a bottle – 10 ml). The active substance of the drug – a very common in the sport today – testosterone cypionate.
The drug first appeared in the United States in the 1950s. At that time, the pharmaceutical company Pharmacia & Upjohn was engaged in the release of the steroid. Basically, the drug was used in medicine. Over time, the ability of the substance to increase muscle mass and strength was learned in sports pharmacology, so the steroid instantly gained popularity and prominence in bodybuilding. (Cypionate gradually replaced the enanthate ether, which at that time was difficult to obtain).
Due to the long period of action (up to 15 days), the steroid provides the athlete with a pronounced mass and strength, but also causes accumulation of water in the body.


As post-course therapy, Tamoxifen or Clomid will work well.


Users often share the opinion that Cypionate is effective when an athlete needs a powerful set of mass and strength increase. The drug over time does not become less in demand. In their posts, athletes note that the drug has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole, and on the recovery processes after training in particular.
Most often, experienced athletes are advised to adhere to the recommended dosages, since in this case the pobochki virtually do not disturb the athlete. But, even if you need to increase the dosage (and, at times, significant), the main thing is not to ignore the sensations and use anti-estrogen agents that can block the aromatization.
Judging by the reviews, the steroid showed its qualities from the best side, especially with regard to the quality of the muscular tissue collected.